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Windhoek coffee ride united

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This group is dedicated for all the coffee rides around Windhoek, Namibia. By definition all coffee rides are non-racing, pure social rides that aims to develop skills and meeting new people.

The Windhoek Coffee Ride United Group is a collaboration between a few groups (Theo’s 4h30am Ride, Kallie’s Kupferberg Night Ride and the Heja’s Coffee Ride) together. 
At this moment (05.04.2017) the 4h30am rides (Tuesday / Thursday) and Heja Rides (Saturday) are active.
This group was started and is run by a few core riders:  Here is the list of the more active admins: Brian Key, Ariane Dressel, Andre de Jager, Johann Liebenberg, Wynandt Gouws, Eugene Oiliver, George Thiele, Theo Hoeksema, John King, Kallie Grunschloss and John Liao.
Windhoek Coffee Ride United organizes three rides:

1. Heja Coffee Rides: we meet at St. Paul’s robot (C/O Sam Nujoma & Mission) usually at 6h30 on either Saturday or Sunday morning. Go up to Heja via WhyNot and come down Shooting Range Road. All skill levels welcome. Contact J Liao, Kallie, J King, Theo and B Key for more detail.
All skill levels welcome (we are hoping to have a variety of riders) Sweeper(s) will stay behind and guide newcomers  / back markers. Have a coffee, bring money for coffee / sammi / beers. RECOMMENDED FOR BEGINNERS – BUT ENJOYED BY ALL SKILL LEVELS!

2. Morning Rides: Tuesday & Thursday morning at 4h30am meeting at MTC Olympia. Helmet and lights are ESSENTIAL for this ride. Contact Theo or J King for more details. RECOMMENDED FOR MORE INTERMEDIATE / ADVANCED & COMMITTED RIDERS

3. Kupferberg NIGHT ride: Meeting at UNAM crossing on Tuesday night 18h30 to go up Kupferberg. Contact Kallie for more details. RECOMMENDED FOR ALL LEVELS

At the Heja Coffee Ride we focus on beginners – we emphasize on “ride at your own pace”! Help us build a bigger community – Please feel free to inform/ invite other riders!


Kallie Grunschloss 0811293446
Theo Hoeksema 0811222772
Brian Key 0811292230
John Liao 0813350174
George Thiele 0811290536
Wynandt Gouws 0811226655


Coffee ride to Heja Lodge via Crinkle Cut and Avis mountains.
Choices of coming down via shooting range or tar road.
Many bail-out points available, ask the sweepers when you want to turn around.